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.) compatible with a wide range of applications, from stock to high boost setups.
.) attractive finish.
.) a good blow off valve is an absolute necessity for high performance turbo systems.
.) a well-engineered blow off valve prevents turbine damage by quickly relieving excess boost pressure without sacrificing boost response.
.) conventional blow off valve designs require choosing between flow capacity and boost response
.) blow off valves with high flow capacity generally have poor boost response, while blow off valves with good boost response are not able to handle high flow capacity.

We have developed a solution to this dilemma by creating the Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve.

The Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve is an adjustable, high-response unit for use on a wide range of applications.
Rather than relying on the vacuum chamber alone, the Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve harnesses boost pressure in a second chamber to assist in opening the relief valve.

This design allows the use of a unique flat-valve design, which provides excellent valve response under both low and high boost conditions without sacrificing flow capacity.

Valve reaction is adjusted by tightening or loosening the spring tensioning screw on top of the unit.
Blow off sound can be adjusted by turning the red collar at the base of the unit.

With its innovative design and adjustment features, the Twin Chamber Blow Off Valve is flexible enough for use on street cars as well as racecars.



Flansch Anschluss 3,2cm

Für folgende Automodelle z.B.:

Nissan Skyline
Nissan 300ZX



1 Stk.


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